i feel like i can take on anything with you right by my side

On our last night together, we got ready for bed and held eachother close. My body rested on top of yours, while you held me very tight and I pressed my face into your skin, breathing in your smell.

What’re you thinking about?

You replied

Just about this. And trying to remember how good this feels.

You squeezed me tight. My eyes welled up. I was speechless.

The heavy hearted sobbing that I had stifled back the night before welled up again, threatening to break the dams and spill over onto my cheeks.

How did i get so lucky with a boy like you?

I brushed my teeth and crawled back into bed with you, relishing for the last time what it felt like to slip into the soft cocoon of your bed. We held each other tenderly, and I whispered to you.

Are you scared? 

You replied

Yes, but I think some of the best things in life are scary. It means we’re doing the right thing.

I asked

What are you most scared of?

 You replied

Growing apart from you and losing this. But we’ll both try our best to not let that happen.

 I sobbed.

I’ve never been great at controlling my emotions, and the next couple of months was going to be a huge test on my emotional stability.

I’ve never spoken this softly.

I just need a little help with judging how much is too much. I’ve never been great at finding the right balance of emotions.

You replied

I’ll be gentle, I promise.

 A couple days ago we were talking about our greatest weakness. I confessed that I didn’t really like how emotional of a person I was.

But don’t you think that’s your greatest strength as well? I love how emotional you are. You feel things very deeply.

 Shit. I don’t know how I got so lucky to deserve this.