on spending time alone

4:00 pm, washington d.c.

when’s the last time you got a chance to go to a museum and just enjoy?

there’s a certain sweetness of going to museums alone and taking as short or as long going through the carefully curated museums in this old city. certain collections will make you feel things you forgot you could feel.

sit and feel the warm yet silky air. its different than what you’d expect, and that’s what is amazing. no two places are exactly the same and thats why you travel. thats why you keep getting yourself into these situations because you want to keep feeling things in different shades.

you feel the cool mist of the sprinklers near the washington monument. you listen to the crunch of the gravel while the cicadas chirp incessantly in the background. these sensations soon become part of what you’ll remember of this city.

you smile and pause.


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